Jeju Raw Honey


Raw honey is honey straight from the beehives. Because it is unfiltered and unpasteurised, it is healthier for our body than processed honey. Although it is directly extracted by beekeepers from the honeycombs, do not let its cloudy appearance fool you: raw honey, in its unprocessed form, contains the naturally-occurring nutrients and antioxidants that are unwittingly destroyed by pasteurising.


These natural antioxidants such as oligosaccharides enrich your body and boost your immune system at a higher degree than processed honey. On top of that, raw honey reaps medical benefits: consume a spoonful of it and realise its wonder in soothing away that sore throat or cough. Besides aiding in digestion and improving your skin condition, it has also a lower glycaemic index than sugar and is a healthier substitute to sweeten your drinks with.


Jeju’s Raw Honey is a well-rounded tonic indeed for all and any age.

- Boost Immunity

- Improves Skin Condition

- Aids Digestions

- Soothes throat discomfort

1200 g

800 g

Jeju Omija Honey


Long used for medicinal purposes, Omija is actually the magnolia berry which comes from the Schisandra plant. In Korean language, Omija means “five flavours” and the magnolia berry itself teases your taste buds with salty, sweet, bitter, sour and pungent flavours. Omija aids in lowering blood pressure and is utilised as a means of detoxification.

Omija honey is a perfect fusion of magnolia berry and raw honey; besides teasing your taste buds with the five flavours, it also offers you medicinal benefits such as improved eyesight focus, cleansing of the liver and kidney and providing hydration for the body.


Jeju’s Omija Honey is an overall great tonic for all and any age.

- Improves Eyesight Focus

- Cleanse Liver and Kidney

- Hydrates Body

1100 g


Jeju LingZhi Honey


By itself, Lingzhi is the Queen of medicinal properties: it has compounds known as polysaccharides that boost your immune system, aids in cancer management, helps lower blood pressure and reduces allergies, and is used to tonify the “Qi” and do whole-body regulation in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Blended with raw honey, Lingzhi Honey is a smooth mix of natural, raw honey goodness with the many healing properties of Lingzhi. Not only does it improve your blood circulation, it also gives you an immunity boost by increasing the activity of white blood cells with polysaccharides. An enhanced skin complexion and improved “Qi” may be the outcome from consuming Jeju’s Lingzhi Honey.

- Improves blood circulation

- Tonify the ‘Qi'

800 g


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