Korea Jeju Raw Honey / 韩国生蜜 / 한국 제주 생꿀 1200g

Core Benefits: Boost Immunity Improves Skin Condition Soothes throat discomfortSuitable for anybody.

主要优点: 增强免疫力 改善皮肤状况 帮助消化 舒缓喉咙不适 舒缓咳嗽适用于任何人

Jeju Raw Honey 1200g

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    Honey is a natural food product, taste will vary slightly from batch to batch.

    Please seek advice from professional doctors if you have medical issues or symptoms before consuming 'JEJUHONEYSG' products.

    Results may vary for individuals. These products may be a supplement or an additional food source, please consume in moderation.  

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