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Chaptes by: Johan Vuori Mardianto, 2010. Mardianto book summary: A historical and philosophical discourse on man's relationship to nature in the world of forest and trees in the Old Aromatic World, the Aethereal World and the Dreamworld. In addition to a brief consideration of the forests, this book covers man's relationship to the Universe with an extensive explanation of astrology, its origin, its function and its relationship to occult magic. In a Historical Perspective, Nature is described as the Mother of all Mankind and all celestial bodies in the Universe. Man's consciousness of the stars, planets, sun and moon, they, in turn, have on every night of his life brought upon him change or transformation of some kind. Nature has provided for him the necessary conditions to survive and have a free life in the world of men and nations. As the forest gave birth to the Old Aromatic World, so the study of nature is essential to the spiritual development of man and his destiny in the astral world of heaven and hell. Even in the realm of darkness, in the Astral Plane, man still can see the original Father in the light of the sun. When man passes into the Astral World, then there is no more need to look for guidance from the celestial bodies. The astral world is all-encompassing, where his environment and his psychology has changed dramatically. Man's consciousness is changed and he can no longer look to the stars for directions to success in love, work or personal development. Man cannot escape from the clutches of the Astral World, he must realize his new fate in the Astral World with the will to attain it. He is strongly moved to make a conscious effort to realize his destiny in the astral world, where he will meet his new guides, where he will have to learn how to use the celestial bodies for his own purpose, all of which he will be obliged to learn and master the art of Spiritual Alchemy. Spiritual Alchemy is the art of transforming material substances to spiritual forms of transformation. Spiritual Alchemy is the art of preparation of true esoteric sciences. In the study of the astral worlds, man must know the star constellations and the planets, he must be aware of the magical correspondences between the star and the planets, between the celestial bodies and the astral bodies. This must be studied in order to acquire higher forms of consciousness. Every astral body carries with it a great




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